Climb from tree to tree on ladders, scramble up nets, over suspended bridges and swinging logs, fly down zip lines or even slide to the next tree on skis! With our continuous belay system, you  can focus on just playing and having fun. Over 30 games for families and youth at SkyTrek Adventure Park in British Columbia.

The Sky Course (aka “High Ropes Challenge Course” or “Aerial Trekking Course”) is an exciting and challenging outdoor activity for families and youth in which you test your physical and mental strength, stamina, agility, balance, and flexibility.

Reservations are recommended for the Sky Course throughout our entire operating season. Have the best experience possible by booking online and signing your waiver in advance of your visit!

Over 30 games, from tree to tree, on 4 courses of increasing height and difficulty. The Sky Course has been built using arborist approved trees and constructed with environmentally sensitive methods that do not harm the trees.


The course starts with a training session and progresses onto the green, blue, black and double black diamond courses. Courses vary in height and difficulty. It ranges from 2 to 12m (6.5 to 40 feet) off the ground. You begin on the green course and personally decide how far and how high you would like to trek and zip.

1) Training

Safety Training at SkyTrek
Safety Training at Skytrek Adventure Park

SkyTrek Adventure Park provides participants with a harness, helmet and all necessary safety equipment. Our experienced guides will teach you about your equipment and how to manipulate through the courses.

2) Green Course

After the training course, everyone will start on the Green Course. This is the lowest and easiest of the 3 courses with entry level games, ziplines and activities. Trek your way from tree to tree on bridges, nets, and ziplines!

3) Blue Course

After finishing the Green Course, confident participants can enter the Blue Course. This is higher and slightly more difficult than the Green Course and has intermediate level games, ziplines, and activities!

4) Black & Double Black Courses

After completing the Green and Blue Courses, you can enter the more challenging Black Course! It offers the highest elevation, challenging games and activities. You may even be seen skateboarding from tree to tree or flying on a rope swing through the air!

Within the black course are the double black diamond games: new challenges to test you mentally and physically, including the “Leap of Faith”,  a trapeze jump for the brave only… it’s waiting for you!

The whole course can take anywhere between 1-3hrs to complete. We recommend you arrive early in the day to have enough time to complete your SkyTrek adventure. Please allow yourself adequate time and consider potential line-ups during peak season.


For safety reasons we have some restrictions in place in order to participate in the Sky Course:

  • Minimum height: Solo: reach 6ft / 183cm (Age 15+), feet flat on the ground, hand extended upward, or Accompanied: reach palm of hand 170cm / 5ft 6in with both feet flat on the ground.
  • Maximum weight: 113kg (250lbs)
  • Youth under 15 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian on course
  • Closed toe shoes required – no Crocs!

Participants are required to complete a Release of Liability form before participating in our adventure. For participants under 19 years of age this waiver must be signed by a Parent or Guardian. Sign our online waiver now and save yourself some time for your next visit!