Offer a memorable and exciting time at SkyTrek Adventure Park! Our online gift certificates system makes it fast and easy. 

Make an online purchase below and have your gift voucher delivered to your (or someone else’s) inbox! It’s instant and the gift voucher will only need to be printed out. If you want a gift certificate sent over regular mail, or for any other concern, please contact us.

Vouchers will be valid 1 year from date of purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: Our gift certificates shop below has its limitations! If you want to gift, let’s say, 2 adults and 3 youths, here’s how to proceed:

     1. Purchase an adult gift certificate (below), make it x2 during checkout, and pay for it…
     2. Come back on this page…
     3. Purchase a youth gift certificates (below), make it x3 during checkout, and pay for it… you’re done!