Kids games at its best! Giant caterpillar nets, bridges, ropes and barrels to climb across! 10-30 minutes of exciting adventure for your little ones!

Fun kids games at SkyTrek Adventure Park, Revelstoke

A great introduction to climbing for the kids! This low Ropes Course will bring out their inner climbing enthusiast and help to spark a life long appreciation of adventure sport.

Our Kids Course is designed to enable children to have as much fun in the trees as their older brothers, sisters and parents. Every bit of our Kids Tree Adventure is as exciting and riveting as the parents experience above! (see sky course and Adventure Tower)

Monkey bridge, Kids Tree Adventure, SkyTrek Adventure Park

At approximately 6-10 feet (2-3 m) above the ground, our Kids Course provides tremendous excitement and adventure in a safe controlled environment.

Parents can cheer-on and support their young trekker from the trail below. The Kids Course utilizes a continuous belay device enabling Kids to just “Clip and Trek”.




  • Minimum age: 5 years old
  • Between 3ft7” (110cm) and 4ft7” (140cm) in height
  • Maximum weight: 120lbs (55kg)
  • Shoes or sport sandals (with straps around the heel) required


Please note: there is no zipline on the Kids Tree Adventures… but there’s one on the Kids Jungle Gym, yeah!