Located 23 km west of the mountain city of Revelstoke lies one of western Canada’s most famous attractions: The Enchanted Forest. A stroll through this magnificent forest will lead visitors through a hand-built fairy tale wonderland, an educational nature walk and a chance to climb up BC’s tallest treehouse!

Created through the dreams, imagination and hard work of Rocky & Juliet Ehlers, Proprietors, the forest is never the same from one visit to the next. New castles, bridges, creatures, heroes and villains surprise patrons at every turn.

Upon completion of BC’s tallest tree house, Rocky found himself amongst the treetops with an incredible view of the surrounding forest; instantly born was his next and most exciting British Columbia attraction which would enable patrons to soar through and climb amongst the trees in an adrenaline filled, heart-pounding new perspective of the entire forest.

He started researching canopy walks, ziplines and other means of tree-top adventures and came across Prisme – a Quebec based Engineering Company with roots in France. Prisme has a great reputation and years of experience in the creation of sky courses (a.k.a. High Ropes Challenge Courses).

Rocky Ehlers hired Veronika Stevenson who was trained and experience Adventure Parks operation in Europe. Stevenson was involved in the original planning of the Park and encouraged the owners to expend the park for Kids Jungle Gym and The Adventure Tower.

SkyTrek Adventure Park’s mission is to provide a fun, active and exciting experience in a unique outdoor environment. To provide an opportunity for individuals to increase awareness of oneself, test both physical and mental strength and gain a better understanding of the natural environment that surrounds us. We strive to provide a responsible, safe environment enjoyable for people of all ages.




You! that’s right, you! amongst the treetops, swinging from tree to tree, flying through the canopy on zip lines, fighting your way up scramble nets, trying to manipulate your way across suspension bridges while trying not to look down at the forest floor more than 30′ below! Impossible, you say; too risky? Too dangerous? Well then, you’ve never been to SkyTrek! The Enchanted Forest’s new exhilarating BC Adventure Park!

Our professionally trained staff will do everything to ensure you experience the heart-pumping, adrenaline filled rush of your life. From helping you into the harness to strapping on your helmet and adjusting your equipment (heck, we’ll even check your shoelaces!), you will learn how to manipulate the aerial courses and zip lines safely and successfully.

SkyTrek’s 3 exciting adventure courses vary in height, length and difficulty providing you with every chance to put your stamina, agility, balance and flexibility to the test. It’s not all merely physical though as your mental strength will be needed at every step, grasp, pull and swing!

For the active little ones SkyTrek even offers a Rope Course for children called Kids Tree Adventure; lower and less intimidating, but every bit as exciting and riveting as the parents above! Cheer-on your little ones from our parent’s observation platform and be part of their big BC adventure.

So head on up to SkyTrek Adventure Park at the Enchanted Forest; stretch those limbs after a long drive on the number one or head up here for a fantastic, fun-filled day for you and all your family members.