SKY COURSE Pictures and videos

Climb from tree to tree on ladders, scramble up nets, over suspended bridges and swinging logs, fly down zip lines or even slide to the next tree on skis!! Read more »


15m off the ground… time to test your nerve!! 6 adrenaline-pumping activities gathered up in 1 really fun tower: Sky Swing, Sky Drop, 2 Climbing Walls, Log Climb and the Jacob’s Ladder (group activity). Read more »

 Sky Swing

 Sky Drop

 “Indiana Jones” Climbing Wall

 Interactive Climbing Wall

 Log Climb


Giant caterpillar nets, bridges, ropes and barrels to climb across! 10-30 minutes of exciting adventure for the little ones! Read more ››


BC’s ultimate playground and it’s only for kids! Climb across a giant spider net, limbo under flying bats or speed down a fully netted zipline! So fun, even your parents are jealous! Read more »

 SKY CLIMB pictures

Gentle on tree and tough on climber! Come try it out this summer… Read more »